Spray mop – efficient and fast floor cleaning

Clean your hard floors with ease and efficiency – the Vileda spray mops were specifically designed for moist mopping. Achieve excellent cleaning results for almost every type of hard or sealed floor.

All of the pads that are used in combination with the spray mop are made of microfibre. The high-quality material removes over 99% of bacteria with just water. When it comes to emergency cleaning, you can rely on the hygienic power of the Vileda spray mop – for example, when having to remove small spills from the floor. No need for a bucket – simply activate the spray function by easily squeezing the trigger and start cleaning with the perfect amount of water. The system makes in-between cleaning easy and can even replace a mop and bucket system, depending on the cleaning demands.

The handles also allow firm grip and easy manoeuvrability. Save up chemicals, time and money thanks to the reusable and washable mop pads – buy the Vileda spray mop now!

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