Finally! Home alone for the first time, living your own life and enjoying the freedom of doing whatever you want ... doesn't this feel great? 
But there's also the other side of the coin: Now you have to clean up your own mess. 

Here are some product recommendations for modern cleaning tools, which will help you cleaning faster and easier - so you can get back to enjoying life in less time:

Microfibre cloth for modern cleaning.jpg

One wipe fits all! 
No matter what mess you have created, our Actifibre cloth will clean it all.
Coffee, tea or ketchup stains on your dining table? No issue ... 
Bread crumbs or cereal rests from breakfast? No issue ... 
AND ... use it also for wiping your shower cabin dry after usage.
You'll never lose sight of things again!


Vileda 1-2-Spray mop for modern cleaning.jpg

No bucket required!
Too early in the morning, you are not awake yet and have spilled the tooth paste on your bathroom floor again? 
Returning from a walk despite the nasty weather outside, leaving muddy foot prints all over your floor?
The TV show is so exciting that you spilled your coke? No problem ... 
With our 1-2Spray you'll have that mess cleaned up in no time, and SO EASY! 


Vileda ViRobi robotic duster for modern cleaning.jpg

Miraculous dusting!
Relaxing on your wonderful cozy couch you let your eyes wander ...
and there they are again: the dust bunnies are back!
If you now don't feel like vacuuming, we fully understand -
and we have a solution for you: ViRobi!
Let our electric duster run free and do the work for you! 


Vileda Spin-and-Clean mop for modern cleaning.jpg

Time to shine!
The parents have invited themselves for tonight, and you have not wiped
your floor for ages? 
Want to impress your date with cleanliness? 
Then it's time to mop your floor thouroughly with our Spin&Clean floor mop.
It gets rid of every type of stain, dirt, and grease marks - and is small enough to store in any of your cupboards.
Floor cleaning has never been so fast and easy.

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