Clothes airer – individually adjustable for your amount of laundry

The Vileda clothes airers are perfect for effective and space saving indoor drying. Some of our clothes airers have flexible racks that can be extended. Simply adjust the clothes airer to your amount of laundry.

All models can be folded flat – so you can easily store them in tight spaces. The racks are designed to leave your garments with less wrinkles, speeding up the drying and ironing process. Find the perfect clothes airer to fit your space and needs.

Our small clothes airers take up very little room because they use space efficiently by being tall rather than wide, or small rather than big – making the most of unused indoor space. Some of the Vileda clothes airers are larger and have more racks, allowing you to hang more than one load of laundry at once.

We also have models that are suitable for outdoor use, for example, in a small garden or on a balcony – however, do not forget to use pegs when hanging small garments on the clothes airer outdoors.

Compared to tumble dryers, hanging clothes and garments on a clothes airer is cheaper and has a smaller environmental impact. Order one of the Vileda clothes airers now!

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