Trigger Spray Bottle 1L

Product Code: 166309

The Oates Trigger Spray Bottle has colour coded nozzles for different tasks! With high output spray nozzle and 1 litre capacity, you can spray and clean your windows and surfaces with ease! Simply pair with one of our microfibre cloths for optimal cleaning. 

Product Highlights

1. High Spray Output

The Oates Trigger Spray Bottle has a 1L capacity and high spray ouput, making sure your surfaces are covered for cleaning quickly and effectively.

2. Colour Coded

The Trigger Spray Bottle comes with different coloured nozzles of red, blue, yellow and green for easy colour coding and detection of different substances such as household cleaning solutions or chemicals, or rooms and tasks!

3. Multi-Purpose

Made of heavy-duty plastic construction, you can use these handy trigger spray bottles for window cleaning, or general cleaning around your home.

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