Complete Window Washer

Product Code: 164964

Oates Complete Window Washer has 3 functions for a complete clean! Suitable for windows, shower screens and mirrors, this compact handy tool is perfect for all around the home. 

Product Highlights

1. 3 in 1 Cleaning 

Complete with microfibre cleaning pad, spray bottle and high grade rubber blade for a streak free finish! 

2. Microfibre Cleaning Power

The microfibre pad lifts and removes dirt, dust, grime easily from sufaces leaving your windows or mirrors sparkling clean.

3. Machine Washable

The Comeplete Window Washer microfibre pad is machine washable for sustained use. When visibly soiled, pop in the wash with similar colours up to 60 degrees, Once washed, hang in a dry, well-ventilated area until dry!

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