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To keep dirt out of your

building effectively, install a five

metre mat. After walking five

metres, 90% of dirt and debris

will have been removed from

the bottom of people's shoes.

This helps reduce damage to

floors and also lengthens the

life of your carpets.

Carpet mats



range of durable course fibre carpet mats

are your first choice for effective dirt removal in high

foot traffic areas. The ribbed surface traps dirt and

water, while the slip resistant rubber base ensures

the mat stays in position. Manufactured from high

quality, quick drying synthetic fibres to ensure

ongoing maximum performance they are available

in small, medium and large size mats.




unique Grit Guard


Mats have an open back

design to help eliminate build up of dirt within the mat,

making them easy to clean by simply shaking or hosing

off any loose particles. The heavy duty plastic is highly

resistant to most industrial chemicals and oils, grease and

weathering, making the mats durable and long lasting.

These mats feature large holes to help facilitate drainage of industrial

chemicals and debris in commercial factories and warehouses. They also

feature moulded air pockets to provide buoyancy for cushioning under foot

and the unique ‘pin’ like bristle design helps remove dirt from footwear.


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