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Floor Pads

Regular speed polyester non-abrasive floor pads are

ideal for mirror finishes while medium abrasive pads

are great for buffing and light polishing, scrubbing

and light duty stripping.

The range of ultra high speed synthetic and natural blend pads are

perfect for buffing medium to hard surfaces, improving stability, and

reducing drag to enhance gloss restoring. They are also ideal for removing

scuff marks and for use in high traffic areas. Ultra high performance

pads can be used for tough jobs where more aggressive stripping and

increased efficiency are required. Lambs wool buffing gives a prestige

finishing touch to the floor presentation.



provides the ultimate floor maintenance solution by utilising its existing wide range

of cleaning products, in combination with the Oates


Americo Floormaster pads and

Research Products floor sealers and detergents.

Americo is an internationally renowned manufacturer of floor pads with its principle manufacturing facility and administrative

offices located in Georgia, USA. They pride themselves on producing quality products manufactured to rigorous standards,

backed with fast and dependable service.



long standing partnership with Americo provides a total floor care solution with comprehensive product range and

outstanding support.