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Eager Beaver Pads

& Tools

Manufactured by a world class international supplier in this field, Oates


renowned Eager Beaver pads are ideal for multiple scrubbing jobs in the

commercial market and are colour coded for easy application selection. The

white non-abrasive polishing pad provides a high gloss finish, the red scour

pad is ideal for light duty scrubbing and the black scour pad is the perfect

choice for heavy duty scrubbing for removal of heavy wax and grime build up.

Wipes & Cloths

The popularity of microfibre cloths has been on the rise for a

number of years and has revolutionised the way we clean.



microfibre cloths feature technology involving thousands of tiny woven threads that

are 1/100


the size of a human hair. Each thread acts like a tiny hook that absorbs dirt

and moisture, locking it away. Dust, dirt and direct particles are bonded to the microfibre

cloth and not released until the cloth is washed in water; thus they are not pushed around

or transferred from surface to surface while cleaning. The dense structure and thick gsm

of Oates




wipes give them the strength for heavy duty day-to-day cleaning.

Available in tear-off rolls or ready-to-use sheets for ultimate convenience. These wipes

are highly absorbent and effectively remove oil, ink and other fluids with ease. They are

also highly solvent resistant and super strong for both wet and dry cleaning and can be

washed and reused if desired.