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Feather Dusters



also feature a range of hand crafted feather dusters which are made from real

ostrich feathers and are therefore soft enough for even the most delicate surfaces.

The Ostrich feather is unique in its durability, softness and flexibility. The configuration

of the feathers helps create a static charge when rubbed against a surface that

attracts and holds dust which can then be shaken out or washed off. Because of its

similar makeup to human hair, care of the ostrich feather requires only an occasional

wash with mild detergent and and then it can be air dried.


Wand Dusters



develop products that help make the chore of cleaning easy

and effortless. And our range of microfibre dust wands are a perfect

example of that!

Simply bend into position to clean hard-to-reach places such

as blinds, shelves, under fridges, ceilings, fans, window sills

and delicate surfaces. An extension handle can be added to

allow alternation between hand-held dusting and long reach

dusting of high ceilings and cornices.

An added benefit of microfibre dusting is that no chemical

solutions are necessary making it ideal for allergy and

asthma sufferers as well as anyone with multiple chemical

sensitivities. Microfibre is gentle on furniture, mirrors,

windows, porcelain, pots

and cars. As the fibre is

extremely fine, there is

less chance of scratches,

mist or marks being left on

the surface. The microfibre pad attracts and collects dust,

dirt, hair and fine particles. Be sure to check out the Oates


Wizard Duster with unique microfibre fringe that attracts and

traps dust, dirt and grime.