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Oates® by Decitex

Fluid Flat Mop System

The Oates


by Decitex system provides users with the ultimate floor

maintenance solution. In 2011 Oates


partnered itself with French company

Decitex bringing you the Oates


by DECITEX - Fluid Flat Mop System.

Since the initial stage 1 release, the range has grown

in size and popularity. It is now the one-stop shop for

those who desire a premium flat mopping solution with

maximum cleaning performance.

The revolutionary system holds liquid within the handle

that can be dispensed via the ergonomic trigger located

at the top of the handle. The Fluid Flat Mop System

comprises an aluminium Fluid Flat Mop handle and

choice of 300, 400 or 550mm heads combined with

a vast selection of colour coded pad types to suit a

multitude of applications. Main focus areas include

general mopping and spill removal right through to

disposable pads for high risk areas, such as operating

theatres and tightly controlled pharmaceutical industry


DECITEX is a company at the heart of textile innovation

and development, designing a wide variety of microfibre

textiles for professional use. As a manufacturer, DECITEX

delivers high performance textiles for mops and wipes

that are easy and intuitive to use. DECITEX complements

its textile expertise with a lightweight, innovative range of

handles, pads, mop heads and wipes. With their original

design, DECITEX products allow textiles to become

the prime cleaning agent, reducing our reliance on


The Oates


/ DECITEX partnership was developed

to provide customers with a comprehensive range of

premium quality Fluid Flat Mop System products that

make cleaning quick, easy and effective. Refer to pages

40 – 45 for more comprehensive details.