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Squeeze Mops








mops are produced using an exclusive textile blend

yarn which has been produced for over 100 years and uses a unique

tried and tested manufacturing technique. This blend has made the



brand a legendary name in the industry and its proven

success is considered by Oates


to be a major attribute to the success

of the business in the professional cleaning product industry.

The synthetic fibres improve tensile strength and durability

while helping to slow down shrinkage, allowing unsurpassed

durability and making this mop ideal for all heavy duty

commercial cleaning jobs.

The natural fibres enhance the effectiveness of absorbency

and enable the mop to go to work immediately without

the ‘break-in’ period, giving ultimate cleaning performance


These mops are also colour coded which helps to reduce

the risk of cross contamination between different working

areas. For additional benefits and further information about

colour coded products please see page 9.






Squeeze Mop is Australia’s number one

selling squeeze mop! It is specially designed with a unique

patented tilting mechanism that enables you to mop under low

objects such as coffee tables, lounge settings and cabinets.

It also features a unique replaceable scour dot to help remove

stubborn spots.

This mop was specifically engineered to reduce the amount

of parts from its previous design. This included the removal

of steel parts and instead using polypropylene plastic parts

making it more recyclable, lightweight and easier to use. Not

only did the change improve the functionality of the mop

through increased strength and bending ability, but the robust

polypropylene also does not rust and is more durable. Oates





mops undergo

rigorous testing in



laboratories to

ensure enduring use.

The Oates




Mop MK2 sphere

head gives easy

manoeuvrability around corners. The easy-squeeze

mechanism removes more water so the floor can be walked

on almost instantly. It also features an extra-large non-scratch

scour to remove stubborn marks and easy change sponge to

help make cleaning a breeze!