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Time saving and easy to use

 1 sachet = 1 dose

 No need to calculate dilution rates

 Screen printed dispenser bottles avoid cross


 Staff can easily carry refill stock to increase productivity


 Training is made quicker and easier

 No more pouring chemicals

 No risk of splash back when decanting

 No direct contact with cleaning concentrates

Eco Friendly & Cost Effective

 All products are 100% biodegradable and

phosphate free

 Portion control avoids overuse and

streamlines costs

 Concentrated sachets minimise packaging

and reduce freight costs

 Less packaging equates to less waste into

landfill and reduced disposal costs

 Less storage space required

Sachet Magic

Sachet Magic is an eco-friendly and easy

to use range of pre-dosed concentrated

cleaning products encapsulated in fully

water-soluble sachets.

The Sachet Magic range covers the daily cleaning needs

for today’s demanding professional. Saving money, time

and waste without compromising on high standards of

cleanliness and performance.