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Did you know?



Natural fibre bassine bristles effectively collect small

and large particles, and are ideal for use on pavers,

cement and hot bitumen.

The unique blend of natural coco, java and synthetic

bristles effectively collect fine dust and small


A natural blend of hair and synthetic bristles

minimises airborne dust while sweeping. These

brooms are ideal for use on floors with a smooth

finish and in factories.



platform brooms are specially crafted from

timber produced in accordance with and certified by

the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). This shows

compliance of the highest social and environmental

standards in the market.

FSC is an independent, non-governmental, not

for profit organisation established to promote the

responsible management of the world’s forests.

Products carrying the FSC label are independently

certified to assure consumers

they are sourced from forests

managed to meet the social,

economic and ecological

needs of present and

future generations.

Titanium Brooms

The Titanium Broom Range is a new addition to the Oates



outdoor broom range. The brooms are designed for the toughest jobs. The

broom head is reversible which makes the broom lasts as twice as long

compared to other brooms. There is a scraper in-built to the broom head for

removal of stubborn material. It also comes with a steel brace to provide extra

support while sweeping. These combined features make the Oates



brooms the new standard in outdoor brooms.

Timber Backed Platform Brooms



industrial brooms have various combinations

of bristle thickness and strength specifically

formulated to suit multiple commercial applications.

Medium stiff bristles effectively collect small and

medium size particles, and are ideal for pathways

and workshop floors.

Hard wearing, extra stiff bristles effectively collect

large, heavy debris and are ideal for use on rough

concrete, brick paving and bitumen.

A blend of natural and synthetic bristles collect

fine particles and minimise airborne dust while

sweeping, and are ideal for workshops,

factory floors and industrial sites.


Flagged bristles help trap dirt


Soft dense bristles give a thorough sweep and are ideal for

sweeping fine particles and dust.


Stiff bristles effectively sweep up large particles.


Dense blend of natural and synthetic bristles help minimise

airborne dust and are ideal for workshops and garages.

Plastic Backed Platform Brooms