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For best results always store the Enka-fill PVA Chamois moist

and in its container out of direct sunlight. This will maximise the

lifespan of the cloth and it will be ready to use at any time!

Auto Care

The Oates


automotive cleaning range includes

premium sponges, cloths and chamois, including the

well known and market leading Enka-Fill PVA Chamois.

These chamois are highly resistant to bacteria

breakdown and highly absorbent making them a

durable and extremely effective cleaning cloth.

The precise combination of materials and technologies that make up

this Polyvinyl Alcohol cloth are exclusive to Oates


and have been for

over 40 years. These cloths have been consistently rated by multiple car

magazines as the number one chamois in the marketplace.



Enka-Fill PVA Chamois slide smoothly over glass, leaving it streak

free. They are not only great for automobile cleaning but also leave

windows and mirrors squeaky clean and streak free and are ideal for use

in bathrooms and boats.


Did you know?