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has allocated a number of symbols to help identify

prominent attributes and professional endorsements of selected

products. These include: Colour Coding, Antibacterial Properties,

Designed in Australia and HACCP Certification.

Look out for these symbols throughout this product guide to assist

in making quick, yet informed purchase decisions to ensure the

products suit the intended application and onsumer needs.

After rigorous internal testing by Oates


, many products in the range are also submitted to a third party for assessment and

endorsement of material safety, accuracy and appropriateness in a food application. This is issued by an independent organisation of

food safety experts, called HACCP.

HACCP Australia Food Safety Certification provides a recognised endorsement that is an assurance to the industry and provides a

guarantee to consumers of a product’s suitability for use within a food related environment. Oates


HACCP approved products have

been tested and accredited to deliver to following attributes:

Well designed with ‘food-safe’ characteristics

Non toxic (or appropriate levels of toxicity)

Easy to clean (or appropriate for use)

Likely to reduce the risk of any form of contamination

Designed for a low consequence of error in use

This symbol represents any colour-coded Oates


products. These products are designed to reduce the risk of cross

contamination between different working areas. See the benefit of colour coding on page 9 of this product guide.

This symbol represents any Oates


products with antibacterial treatment. These antibacterial properties help to inhibit the growth of

germs and odours in the product, enabling it to stay fresher longer.

This symbol represents any Oates


products, which were designed in Australia.